Monday, April 30, 2012

Restart of blogging

Is been almost 4 years since I posted something in this blog. Come to think about it time really flies. Alot of things have changed over the past 4 years. I guess no one will ever read this blog again. So I am going to jot down some significant event over the past 4 years as a reminder to myself what that I actually went thru for the past 4 years (in sequence)

  1. Officially become one of the workforce in this country
  2. Getting used to my new life in KL, learn how to speak Cantonese and also have the pleasure to know alot of people
  3. Return to single and available (Freedom!!)
  4. The no-way-i-will-never-forget 7 weeks experience in Hong Kong
  5. Got my dad's old car to drive in KL
  6. Live without a goal for over a year
  7. Tendered my first ever resignation letter
  8. Jump ship to a (almost) new enviorment
  9. Seriously almost unbelievable London trip for 3 weeks
  10. Starting to seriously plan for my finance
  11. Restart of organize events 
Many thanks to all the people that I have met along the journey as you guys have contribute of what I am and what I have now. The past 4 years have been super duper exciting and indeed I am enjoying every single minute. 

I will save something in the next post, till then.. 


xxxxxx-chama :P said...

:P continue blogging ba.. :)

xxxxxx-chama said...

:P Continue blogging ba :)