Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Give up and let go

Recently had these few interesting conversation with some few friends talking about giving up. Which come to my surprise that they do think I am the guy who never give up, like there the word "give up" never exist in my dictionary.

To look back what I have achieve for the past few years indeed quite surprising. Something I won't expect myself 8 years ago (2004 is where I define as the start of exciting years ^^). True enough, 8 years ago I told myself I will never again regret of my actions and gonna make my life as interesting as possible. The sprit of never give up have been the cornerstone that pushing me to the limits in the journey making my life interesting.

Of course, bring a normal human being does means that I won't always get the result that I want. That is why I will give up. My colleague whom I have worked together for years disagree that. She told me that I am indeed the will never give up kind of person. What I did is just let go for the sake of a better choice. Both are pretty much the same but the intention are different (as she says). With give up is pretty negative kind (really not gonna pursuit further) and let go is positive kind (let go with a good cause). I do agree of what she said and admit that the "give up" that I did was actually "let go" due to the fact I will try anything that I can before let go.

Of course, I do enjoy this journey but I also realize something. Being successful in what you doing does give you the fame, but at the same time creates a gap of you and other people. This is where people around you start elevate you as "God" and dare not get too close as their respect in you stop them doing so.

It does feel very good at the beginning, but along the time I start having the loneliness in me. The feeling of being alienated grew over the years and I start to reject the idea me being a very different person. I tried to start challenging people to do the same but in real life each people have their limitation (by mind) in doing things.

I start to realize that I am slowly giving up my dreams due to afraid of the loneliness. For being wandering around places for many years does "stock up" that loneliness until the level that I don't really think I can handle too much. I start to going back home late because there is nothing to looking forward when I get back home. This is where I start hang out with friends after work and try to get myself occupied as much as I can. Again, after a certain period I realize that is not a sustainable solution and I do feel back to square one again.

At the moment I will still walk down this path as there aren't much choice along this path which I really not sure how long I will be able to continue. I guess is going to be a "well see" situation then.

P/S: this is just a rambling post and surely I not looking for salvation nor pity. Just to post out what I have been kept in my heart and serve as an entertaining post for the future me. But I do hope the readers do able to leave some comments so that I will know that people DO still read this blog.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Restart of blogging

Is been almost 4 years since I posted something in this blog. Come to think about it time really flies. Alot of things have changed over the past 4 years. I guess no one will ever read this blog again. So I am going to jot down some significant event over the past 4 years as a reminder to myself what that I actually went thru for the past 4 years (in sequence)

  1. Officially become one of the workforce in this country
  2. Getting used to my new life in KL, learn how to speak Cantonese and also have the pleasure to know alot of people
  3. Return to single and available (Freedom!!)
  4. The no-way-i-will-never-forget 7 weeks experience in Hong Kong
  5. Got my dad's old car to drive in KL
  6. Live without a goal for over a year
  7. Tendered my first ever resignation letter
  8. Jump ship to a (almost) new enviorment
  9. Seriously almost unbelievable London trip for 3 weeks
  10. Starting to seriously plan for my finance
  11. Restart of organize events 
Many thanks to all the people that I have met along the journey as you guys have contribute of what I am and what I have now. The past 4 years have been super duper exciting and indeed I am enjoying every single minute. 

I will save something in the next post, till then.. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wedding Dinner

*Currently waiting team member to finish deploying the system that we have be develop for the past 3 months n there is nothing i can do but to wait they all finish their work =.=

If u follow my post previously, i went back to my hometown last Thursday to attend my secondary friend's wedding dinner. During that night i met a lot of my friends that i didn't meet them at all since we all graduate from tebrau (my secondary school name). Too bad that some of them can't make it (1 from F.U.T, 2 from M8). Is feels good to meet them again after so many years and is good to hear some of them is doing quite good after graduate from tebrau.

Picture taken during the dinner with the people that same table with me (mostly are my juniors from PBSM)

Next up... AFA trip :D

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ichiraku Curry Mee

Yesterday I went to my usual place for lunch and ordered a bowl of curry mee,

Notice something familiar? Let us zoom in n c

Yes, is the Konoha mark!!!

So i guess the next special in Ichiraku ramen will be curry mee XD

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

7bil Bill

Finally new measure to simulate the economy, but i don't see there is any direct impact on me =.=

I just got a feeling this 7bil will ended up 3.5bil in actual (with the other 3.5bil will end up to the pocket of a certain quarter of people)

*p/s : Obama for America!!! and please bring back the peace to the world. (and i hope u can be the head to simulate the world's economy since i know that there is no 1 in this country able to do so *bunch of u*****s guys)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Yes, i am almost broke this month =.= due to the fact:-
  1. Ganas Makan
  2. Ganas Outing
  3. Ganas Buying Stuffs (I still left around 3 things in my buying list ^^)
And next month expected to be more ganas as i goin back to JB and also the AFA08 trip =.=

I really must control my spending........

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Toyota Prius

The 2010 Prius!!!! I wonder when they will start selling in M'sia. >_<

/me prays will import before the stupid gov increase back the import tax for Hybrid Car again

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